Out of Bounds - Rule 27
Beyond any fence bounding the course.
Beyond white stakes bounding the course.

Stones in Bunkers
Stones in bunkers are removable obstructions (Rule 24-1).

Protection of Young Trees
If a tree identified by a stake or tag interfers with a players stance or area of intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 24-2b(1) (Immovable Obstruction). The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.

Fixed Sprinkler Heads
The specimen local rule in the Rules of Golf booklet is in effect, see page 129.

All rubber chipped are immovable obstructions from which relief MUST be taken (Rule 2). All other paths are integral parts of the course. The ball must be played as it lies or declared unplayable (Rule 28).

Safety Fences
If the safety fences protecting the 2nd and 8th greens interfere with a players stance or area of intended swing, relief MUST be taken by using the nearest dropping zone which is not nearer the hole.

Ground Under Repair - Rule 25
Play is prohibited from all areas marked G.U.R (Ground Under Repair). Relief must be taken by using the associated dropping zone, or where one does not exist, under Rule 25-1. Piles of grass cuttings are considered to be ground under repair.

2nd & 8th Greens - Rule 25-3b
If the ball lands on the wrong putting green, the ball may not be played as it lies. Relief MUST be taken, without penalty, no nearer the correct hole.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rules
Match play - Loss of hole.
Stroke play - Two penalty strokes.

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