St. Clements golf course was opened in 1969 by the NHS as part of it's local social facility for staff and patients. The course is now privately owned. The course is located in the east side of the Ipswich, just off the Foxhall Road and behind the old hospital grounds.


1st Hole Par 3
A difficult hole to start with, out of bounds to the right of the fairway and the green surrounded by four bunkers.

2nd Hole Par 4
A straight tee-shot is essential as the fairway narrows close to the green, beware the sand trap in the middle of the fairway. A bunker protects the whole width of the green, a good second shot required to hit the target.

3rd Hole Par 4
The card index suggest the easiest hole on the course and probably is if your tee shot dissects the bunkers to the left and right of the fairway. Just one bunker to the left of the green.

4th Hole Par 3
This is shortest hole on the course, but a difficult green to hit with bunkers both sides forward of the green. Beware out of bounds to the left.

5th Hole Par 4
Hit your tee-shot down the hill, avoiding out-of-bounds to the left, towards the bunker which protects the full width of the green. Then pitch onto the green that slopes from left-to-right and back-to-front, probably one of the most challenging greens to putt on in the local area.

6th Hole Par 3
A tough tee-shot as the fairway rises to the green with trees both sides. Bunkers to the left and right also protect the green.

7th Hole Par 4
The longest hole on the course so a good drive from the tee is essential. Short of the green bunkers to the left and right, with a third protecting the green to the right.

8th Hole Par 3
Probably the toughest par three likely to be encountered locally. A need to be straight with your drive as the narrow fairway is tree-lined both sides, with a mound short right of the green.

9th Hole Par 3

What appears to be a simple par three, but with out-of-bounds to the right and bunkers both to the left and right. It can turn out to be the 'spoiler' of your round.

Excellent customer service from Graham and Pat, course in great condition considering the weather green's in particular. Pleased to have rejoined great value for money.

Shaun Warren

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